Updates on new changes on this blog, tech­ni­cal setups and what I think are sig­nif­i­cant events that hap­pen on the week.

On this Blog:

Don't you dare check me in Facebook Places

Don’t you dare

  1. Did you notice? Rotat­ing Favicon.
  2. .
  3. Jour­nals.

Inter­net updates:

  1. Google again ‚ÄĒ Change your¬†name.
  2. Face¬≠book launches Places ‚ÄĒ A das¬≠tardly plan to keep you always on Face¬≠book check¬≠ing your sta¬≠tus.

Blog Updates

1. Did you notice? Rotat­ing Favicon

hat white

What is a fav­i­con? From Wikipedia:

hat grayhat green

I was a bit lazy putting the fav­i­con back again. Why? Every time there’s a theme upgrade, I need to copy back the pre­vi­ous icon to the new theme direc­tory and add a few lines of code.

One thing that I absolutely love about Word­Press is the huge num­ber of plu­g­ins develop by devel­op­ers. Best of all, the major­ity are free, though I really encour­age you to donate to them. I did with some developers.

And I found this fav­i­con rota­tor plu­gin. I uploaded 4 icons of col­ored hats. So what this lit­tle nifty plu­gin does, it rotates the icons. Of course if there is one, it just dis­plays that.

One thing about plu­g­ins are that you can get car­ried away. At one point of time, I got car­ried away and installed an army of them. It can slow down your site.

Now, I limit myself to 20 or so plu­g­ins that are essential.

2. Accu­rate pre­dic­tion of social media.

a guy using social media to pro­pose to his girlfriend.

In it, I also posted a car­toon about them tak­ing their mar­riage vows using iPad.

Guess what? It hap­pened in real life. Katie and Aaron both used iPads for their wed­ding vows and so did the mar­riage official.

Call me old fash¬≠ioned, a sim¬≠ple writ¬≠ten paper could eas¬≠ily do it. Pen and paper ‚ÄĒ a cou¬≠ple of cents, iPads ‚ÄĒ about¬†$600.

Who knows the drive to being paper­less might just be a real­ity instead of just a myth.

Divorces? It already hap­pened and Face­book is in the mid­dle of it. It will be worse with Face­book Places.

What do you think? Will you use iPad for wedding vows?

3. Jour­nals.

This week, I high­lighted about online jour­nals. I signed up for both ohLife and Penzu. Then I use reg­is­tered a pri­vate blog at WordPress.com.

It depends on you. If you pre­fer the sim­ple stuff, ohLife would just do it, for bet­ter fea­tures, the paid Penzu is great. For me, since I love tweak­ing stuff, Word­Press works for me.

It got me hooked. Now I’m furi­ously writ­ing entries in my pri­vate blog. I have already posted about 8 arti­cles in it.

I can email to it dur­ing work and I can even call in for an audio post.

Tech­nol­ogy, when you know how to use it, it makes your life much bet­ter. That’s why you must this blog, I’ll give you tips on how to use inter­net and eas­ily and effectively.

Do you write journals? Online or offline?

Inter­net Updates

1. Google again ‚ÄĒ Change your¬†name.

say­ing that once young peo­ple reach adult­hood, .Google relative morality

The name that your par­ents have given you? Your ances­tral name? Seri­ously, dude? Why would I want to do that?

So does that mean, if you get into trou­ble, just change your name. Bill Riley aka John Rambo aka Jack Lantern?

Of course you need some face photo, just google it and there are lots of pic­tures of faces that you can use.

Then if I’m bored with it. I could just delete the whole thing. Yes, it will still be there.

Oh wait, isn’t that iden­tity theft? That’s only when you use a real per­son and try to assume his iden­tity for what­ever reasons.

Car­toon here, strange days.

What do you think? Would you change your name just like that?

Need we say more? It’s only avail­able in the US for now. Thank God.

It is some­thing like FourSquare or Gowalla. You tell the whole world where you are right now. Which log­i­cally means you can’t be some­where else.

Mobile check inIf any­body wants to do any­thing, they can find out eas­ily that you are not at home. You get the picture.

What is worse with Face­book is that some­one else can tag you with the location.

I’m with John at the strip club and enjoy­ing the lap dancers.

And John just told his wife that he is work­ing late at the office, or

I just saw John check­ing in the motel with Janet.

And John told his wife that he is on a busi­ness trip.

Even you home can be tagged. Now every¬≠body, the 1000 ‚Äúfriends‚ÄĚ know where you stay. And one of them has a bone to pick with¬†you.

Or you could just go around and ran­domly tag any­body anywhere.

What I think is that it’s a das­tardly plan to keep you always check­ing on your sta­tus in Face­book. The longer you are on Face­book, the bet­ter it is for Facebook.

Face­book can then com­mand higher rates from advertisers.

You have to have that smart phone with the mobile inter­net access. If your friends tagged you in a ques­tion­able loca­tion, you need to delete it fast.

If you log on to Face­book every other day, that’s it.

Loca­tion tag your­self, its ok. Tag­ging other peo­ple who may or may not be there?

With your house address known through Places, this could be the future Face­book in reality:

Would you Places or are you using it already?