Auto add your friends to Facebook Group

You can auto­mat­i­cally add any of your friends with­out the has­sle of wait­ing for their decision.

Isn’t that bril­liant? Now the deci­sion to add your friends solely belong to you only. Of course they can leave the group later. This solves the prob­lem of fence-sitters.

So what can you do with it?

As every­body knows Face­book is not exactly pri­vate. What­ever you write on your sta­tus update, every­one can see it.

And their pri­vacy con­trols are buried deep down inside. Not many users know how to access and con­fig­ure it.

With Face­book Groups you can limit your sta­tus updates only to close friends or relatives.

For exam­ple you can cre­ate groups for:

  1. A foot­ball team,
  2. A class group,
  3. A hobby group,
  4. A sales team group.……

This is how you cre­ate the new groups.

Log in to you account in Face­book. Once logged in key in or click this address:

Do take note that Face­book Groups have not been fully imple­mented. If you go to your pro­file and cre­ate Groups, it will be for the old Groups.

Facebook Groups Main Page

Face­book Groups Main Page

Now click on “Cre­ate Groups”. A Face­book win­dow will then pop-out.

Create Facebook Groups Page

Cre­ate Face­book Groups Page

Here you key in your ‘Group Name’, then add mem­bers (your friends) that you want to include in. This step is optional. You can just cre­ate the group first and add your friends later.

Next, you set the level of pri­vacy. It has 3 stages:

  • Open — Mem­bers and con­tent are public.
  • Closed — Mem­bers are pub­lic, con­tent is private.
  • Secret — Mem­bers and con­tent are private.

For ‘Open’ and ‘Close’, other peo­ple can see your group and request to join in. For ‘Secret’, only mem­bers can invite oth­ers. It will not be seen by any­one else.

Facebook Groups icons

Face­book Groups icons

You can also choose your default icon for the group. Just click on the drop-down arrow at the ‘Group Name’.

Once you’re sat­is­fied, click ‘Create’.

Con­grats, you have just cre­ated your Groups Page.

Groups Page

Groups Page

Here is where you can post, share a link, upload pho­tos and videos.

You can also orga­nize events specif­i­cally for your group only and you can write a doc. It can be about any­thing, your group recent meet­ing, or what’s next, whatever.

Every­thing here is lim­ited to only those friends that you added to the group. And your friends can also invite their friends that share the same com­mon interest.

Since you cre­ated the group, you are auto­mat­i­cally the admin for the group.

You can ‘Edit Group’

Edit Group Page

Edit Group Page

This is where you can edit your Group Page. You can edit your ‘Basic Infor­ma­tion’, upload a ‘Pro­file Pic­ture’ for the group, set the group email address and man­age your members.

Since you are the admin, you can kick out those that you don’t want to be in the group. For exam­ple, a mem­ber that always post­ing spam links or reg­u­larly post­ing stuff not related to the group.

You can also appoint another friend as an admin. Bear in mind, that she will have the same power as you, and could boot you out of the group.

For the group email, you can use that email address to email to the group. What hap­pens is that email mes­sage will appear in mem­bers’ news feed. Though I’m not very sure what else it does.

You can ‘Edit Settings’.

Edit Settings Pop-up

Edit Set­tings Pop-up

Here you can set your noti­fi­ca­tions by email.

So, have fun cre­at­ing a Group and auto­mat­i­cally add your friends to your group.

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