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Mal¬≠ware Alert ‚ÄĒ Blog¬≠Press SEO Plugin

Do you use Word¬≠Press? Do you use plu¬≠g¬≠ins? Most, if not all use plu¬≠g¬≠ins. ¬†Just don‚Äôt use ‚ÄėBlog¬≠Press SEO‚Äô . It‚Äôs a mal¬≠ware.¬†How to know when it‚Äôs safe to use a plugin?

Only down­load plu­g­ins that are in the Word­Press plu­gin repos­i­tory.

And remem­ber the old adage (it applies everywhere):

Too good to be true, often is.

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Bumper update this week. The post is long and divided into 3 pages. 1st Page on Word¬≠Press, 2nd on Face¬≠book and 3rd on Twit¬≠ter. The page links are right after ‚ÄėThe Related Post‚Äô Sec¬≠tion.¬†Enjoy.

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Replace Microsoft Share­Point with Word­Press and save money

Seri­ously, it can be done. Word­Press have evolved in such a way that you can use it to facil­i­tate team sites, interof­fice com­mu­ni­ca­tion via work­groups, doc­u­ment revi­sion track­ing and gen­eral communication.

Here’s how to do it.

15 Ways to Speed Up Your Word­Press Blog

Who likes a slow web­site? Even Google doesn’t.

Here’s 15 ways on how to speed up your Word­Press web­site. Which reminds me, I need to start too.

Post Types & For­mats & Taxonomies

New fea­ture com­ing out in Word­Press 3.1. Isn’t that cool. Word­Press is becom­ing more flex­i­ble. It’s look­ing like Tum­blr and more.

Isn’t that fantastic.