Change is constant: WordPress Updates

Picture of Diogenes Laertius

Dio­genes Laertius

There is noth­ing per­ma­nent except change.
The only con­stant is change.
Change is the only con­stant.
Change alone is unchang­ing.
From Lives of the Philoso­pher by Dio­genes Laertius

This web­site (I’d pre­fer to call it that since a blog is a web­site; though not all web­site is a blog), runs on WordPress.

I could have just eas­ily use Dru­pal or Joomla; it’s just that I don’t want to delve into the tech­ni­cal aspects too much.

I guess the moti­va­tion for this crack­ers would be: It’s there.

The good thing to come out from these attacks is that the soft­ware will evolve. And Word­Press just did that today.

ver­sion is 3.0.4.

The ease of updating

Kudos to the devel­op­ment team in Word­Press. It’s the hol­i­day period and still they man­aged to push out a secu­rity updates. If you really want to know what hap­pen, it fixed a core secu­rity bug in the HTML san­i­ta­tion library, called KSES.

I would have to look it to see what it means.

The impor­tant thing is that updat­ing Word­Press is sim­ple. Just click update, hold your breath, steady and it’s done. That’s all. Simple.

The down­side of upgrades

Are there down­sides to upgrad­ing? Yes there are. Some­times a plu­gin or two won’t work. That’s why it’s best not to have too many. Worse the theme won’t dis­play cor­rectly, though that’s very rare.

After updat­ing, the real work begins. I have to mon­i­tor the web­site again and see if all the fea­tures work as adver­tised. Plu­gin authors would have to recheck their codes again.

So, if this web­site is behav­ing strangely, please drop me a line. Thanks.

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