WYS is not really WYG

WYSIWYG: Do What You See Is Really What You Get

Word­Press comes with a built-in edi­tor that looks like any other word proces­sor. Usu­ally you can just key-in your text into and with the lit­tle but­tons you can make the text BOLD, ital­ics or even change the color of the text.

WordPress Editor

Word­Press Editor

Eas­ier text input

It seemed that it’s putting in extra blank paragraphs.




Like that. When I deleted the blank para­graphs it goes back doing it. Was there a mali­cious code some­where that’s designed to give such vex­ing problem?

I switched over to HTML mode and saw the culprit:

A code:was auto­mat­i­cally inserted.

Review­ing lines of Code

The prob­lem was there for a cou­ple of weeks. I tol­er­ated it until today and decided to do some­thing about it.

As a tech per­son, I combed through all the lines of code in the php files. No juice. I could have missed something.

In des­per­a­tion (after min­utes of scan­ning php files and weeks of man­u­ally delet­ing the codes) I search on Google for the answer.

Solu­tion Found

Was the solu­tion com­plex? Dif­fi­cult? Need to re-install Word­Press or the theme? No, it was just as sim­ple as un-ticking a check box.

I use a plu­gin for the Edi­tor. It’s called TinyMCE Advanced. After look­ing through the forums, I found the solution.

Just un-tick the check box :Stop remov­ing the <p>…

TinyMCE Advance Options

TinyMCE Advanced Options

That’s all. And to think I lost sleep and spend count­less hours re-editing the post. Isn’t it a won­der that peo­ple gets frus­trated with IT stuff.

So many options buried every­where and you’re not even aware if it was sup­posed to work that way or not.

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