Laptops are obsolete

Obsolete Laptop

Obso­lete Laptop

Recently I got a new Android phone and because of that I left my lap­top home more often.

Now I just need my smart phone and extra bat­ter­ies or charger.

The smart phone really sucks up a lot of bat­tery power. Usu­ally by mid­day or about 6 hours, it’s flat.

How lap­tops get replaced

Even then the smart phone is fast replac­ing a lot of the func­tions that are cen­tral to the laptop.

What can I do with the smart phone?

  • Orga­nize my day and keeps track of my to-do list.
  • Con­tacts on Gmail, Twit­ter, Face­book, LinkedIn joined or com­bined by their respec­tive emails.
  • peo­ple do worry about that).
  • Read and reply to emails as it comes.
  • See, view and even edit attachments.
  • Mak­ing online pur­chases (Since hav­ing the smart phone, I’ve bought a cou­ple of stuff online).
  • Plays the music that I like and not pro­grammed by a radio station.
  • Watch videos anytime.
  • Keeps track of my posi­tion by GPS (my wife loves this function).
  • Shows me the direc­tion to a des­ti­na­tion by walk­ing, tak­ing pub­lic trans­port or by car.
  • Get esti­mated time a par­tic­u­lar bus ser­vice will be at a spec­i­fied bus stop.
  • Aug­mented real­ity. I can find out any infor­ma­tion (so far nearly every­thing) of things hap­pen­ing around me.
  • Takes pic­tures or videos and upload it immediately.
  • Check on Twit­ter friends and the other social net­work (Face­book) easily.
  • Play games, and of course,

That’s nearly most of the func­tions of a laptop.

What I can’t really do is to write a long let­ter or a blog post. For that I need a full fea­tured key­board. The smart phone screen is too small to have the edit­ing and key­board dis­played together.

Tum­blr works nicely for short text blog­ging, pho­tos or videos. I can’t imag­ine writ­ing a long blog post on the small screen.

Between iPhone and Android

When I got the Android Smart­phone, my wife wants one too.

She was decid­ing between the iPhone and the LG Opti­mus. Thank­fully she made a good deci­sion and got the LG Smartphone.

Enter the Tablets

Ancient Tablets

The ancients have tablets

Tablets like the iPad, Play­book or the plethora of Android-based devices might just be able to replace the lap­top fully.

I don’t really see the iPad replac­ing the lap­tops. The Android-based tablets just might. I will be get­ting a tablet soon and it’ll be Android-based. All I need is the WiFi version.

This post was writ­ten on a lap­top con­nected to the inter­net with a teth­ered WiFi through my Android smart phone.

Of course, I can eas­ily switch to wire­less; teth­ered hotspot allows me to charge the phone as well.

It was just like the last time when Apple goes head to head with Microsoft.

Microsoft gained dom­i­nance and Apple came in a far sec­ond place.

Now it’s the same for mobile devices. Android is the new Microsoft and have over­taken Apple.

What about Java and Sym­bian? Unfor­tu­nately it’s slowly being abandoned.

The future

Windows 1.0 Screenshot

Win­dows 1.0

Microsoft is off course not lying down. Remem­ber Nokia?

offi­cially entered a strate­gic alliance.

So I would expect a Nokia WP8 smart phone com­ing out soon.

Microsoft is busy devel­op­ing Win­dows 8

And yes the “START” is still there.

The Palm Pilot? It was my first PDA and after that I didn’t find a wor­thy replace­ment until Android. The last PDA I use was the Sony Clie and it died because Sony dis­con­tin­ued it.

A year ago HP bought Palm OS and the HP Touch Pad is born. It will be inter­est­ing to see how WebOs stack against Android.

I think that the phys­i­cal key­board and the hum­ble mouse will soon be a thing of the past.

The phrase “See that icon, now click it…”, will be changed to “See that icon, now touch it…”