How to Write and get Great SEO rankings

Can Writ­ing Good Arti­cles get you Great SEO rankings


Search Engine Opti­miza­tion or SEO is a very hot topic. A whole indus­try sprung from just this one concept.

What is SEO?

I read a lot about these kind of stuff on the inter­net. Gen­er­ally I stay away from those that claim that they can improve SEO by pay­ing X num­bers of dollars.

You can actu­ally improve your SEO rank­ing on your own.

Bot­tom line

The bet­ter is your SEO rank­ing, the more read­ers to your site and you make more money.

Take away points

  1. Think of Google as a per­son who wants to give you the best answer to your question
  2. Write rel­e­vant and rep­utable articles.