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Using Word­Press for Com­mu­nity Building

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What’s the next step in blog­ging? It could be hav­ing like-minded friends blog­ging about a spe­cific topic or niche.

When blog­ging started, it was about and still is, the indi­vid­ual blogger.

They would have fol­low­ers who read the blog post.

The read­ers can be pas­sive or active. Those active ones would be com­ment­ing on the posts or shar­ing the it on var­i­ous social networks.

Then blog­gers decided to get together. How? They still main­tain their own indi­vid­ual sites and allow other blog­gers to write arti­cles on their sites.

The next Rev­o­lu­tion in Blogging

Maybe it’s because of the suc­cess of the var­i­ous social net­works. The most famous of all is of course Facebook.

Unless you’re liv­ing in a cave some­where at the top of the world, every­body have heard about Facebook.

In a way Face­book allows every­one to be a blog­ger. Do you agree that every­one on Face­book is a blogger?

Why not? A blog­ger writes posts or arti­cles, share videos or images and links to other websites.

What’s Bud­dy­Press

Bud­dy­Press is sim­ply a plu­gin that allows a stan­dard Word­Press instal­la­tion to have a social element.

Within min­utes you have just build your very own Facebook-like website.

It’s all up to your imagination.

Peo­ple with the same inter­est then can come together and have a lively online discussion.

I won­der? Should this site be con­verted to BuddyPress?

Here’s a brief intro about BuddyPress:

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