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Cen­sor­ing Mar­ke­teers in Face­book Time­line by Unsubscribe

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You know the drill. You’re on Face­book and a friend request pops-up. She looks like your long-lost school friend or sim­ply she looks friendly.

You checked the pro­file and found noth­ing much. The infor­ma­tion is only shared amongst “friends”.

You accepted it and the next minute you’re bom­barded with mes­sages on the newest-most-revolutionary-money-making-without-any-work scheme on your home timeline.

And the hor­ror of it all, she’s really a long-lost child­hood friend.

How do you rem­edy the situation?

By unsub­scrib­ing.

Unsub­scib­ing to still remain friends

Face­book have improved a lot since. One of their best fea­ture is the unsub­scribe button.

Unsubscribe from a pest

Unsub­scribe from a pest


When you clicked on the but­ton, a list appears:

Facebook Unsubscribe options

Face­book Unsub­scribe options

A list of options pops-out. If you’re cool about it, you can check “All Updates” and choose what types of updates.

If you don’t want to know about, go right to the bot­tom and checked the “Unsub­scribe” option.

You’re still friends though you’ll never see the newest-most-revolutionary-money-making-without-any-work scheme.

Isn’t that great?

I used to deny request to add friend from any­one with a whiff of mar­ket­ing. Some are so obvi­ous. They use the name of what­ever prod­ucts as the pro­file name.

Now I just sim­ply accept and if their update fre­quency on their prod­ucts are too much, I’ll just unsubscribe.

It’s like a mute but­ton and where’s the one in real life?