Google the Biggest Social Networker

Did you notice? Google have become the biggest social networker.

Google+ Evolution

Google+ Evo­lu­tion

About a year ago, Google and Face­book had a “fight”  over data shar­ing. Face­book sim­ply doesn’t want to share its users information.

So, some­where in the mid­dle of last year Google launched  Google+  to the pub­lic. It looks like Google is tak­ing on Facebook.

Then Google addresses the users data part. It allows users to export their data out of Google. Come to think of it, where would you go with all your per­sonal data.

I’m just happy that I can have my data exported out for my per­sonal safe-keeping (in case Google fail).

Next it replaces over 70 dif­fer­ent pri­vacy poli­cies across Google and replaced them with one that’s a lot shorter and eas­ier to read.

It makes a lot of sense to do that. Think about it, Google have lots of prod­ucts. With so many pri­vacy poli­cies there will bound to be inconsistencies.

With that, time and effort (which means money) have to be com­mit­ted to explain the incon­sis­ten­cies or make changes to it. Then it will con­flict with another set of policies.

Google might just ended up in a vicious never-ending cir­cle of resource suck­ing pri­vacy poli­cies issues.

Some users did get ter­ri­fied at the thought that a cor­po­rate giant have all their data. As usual you have the “pro­test­ers” and “scream­ers” telling every­body it’s an outrage.

In fact, they and all of us have choices.

  • Don’t want YouTube? There’s always Vimeo.
  • Think that Gmail is spy­ing on you, you could use either Yahoo or Hotmail.
  • Google docs? Well you can use Zoho.

There are alter­na­tives. For me, I find Google ser­vices incred­i­bly use­ful. I haven’t bought Microsoft Office suite since I use Google Docs.

So how did Google became the biggest social networker?

It sim­ply asks users to link their social net­works to Google+. You can link to nearly every­thing, from your Twit­ter to Face­book to Flickr. You can even put in the blogs that you con­tribute to.

Even in YouTube chan­nel, there are big but­tons for Google+, Face­book and Twitter.

Google remains true to its roots. It’s a search engine com­pany, first and foremost.

Here’s my Google+ Pro­file and YouTube Chan­nel and see it for yourself.

What’s your reac­tion? Are you happy? Wor­ried? Or even outrage?