Class Ecommerce Website

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This is the class E-commerce project that we learnt. We code it in Java and use Gradle and Spring Boot.

It’s not a complicated website, just having the front-end and back-end with a couple of database items. There are no shopping cart, customer login or admin panel for site owners to upload their products.

The purpose of doing this class exercise is for us to learn how to create an e-commerce website with Java, Spring Boot framework and database connections and queries. I will need to revise it to become more familiar with the coding.

Doing an e-commerce site is something that is not unfamiliar for me.

Long before Shopify became popular, I’ve done an e-commerce website using WordPress.

It’s a very versatile Content Management System (CMS) and I’ve done static websites to a group websites. It depends on what my client needs are.

Now there are even more services that helps you to create an e-commerce website or anything that you need. From Wix to SquareSpace to Shopify.

Whatever it is, you still need your own domain name for your store front. Never rely solely on social media like Facebook, Instagram or Shopee as your main store front.

Having a e-commerce website it’s not the end goal. You still need to think about advertising and promoting your shop and to customise it to your requirements, you need to hire a developer.


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