Web Application – React

The final project that I did during my full-stack web developer course.

Spotify playlist search

This is a project from Codecademy.com. It’s a web application using our knowledge of React components, passing state, and requests with the Spotify API.

It allows a user to search the Spotify library, create a custom playlist and save it to their Spotify account.

It’s quite tough mainly because I’m still at the learning stage. There were so many bugs, mainly due to wrong syntax and to simplest of all: missing closing parenthesis. Generally, the languages are more or less the same. The difference is only in it’s implementation and what is the language used for.

This is my second attempt using IntelliJ as my Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Previously I used VSCode. I find it’s troublesome to switch IDEs. VSCode mainly was used for front-end development. IntelliJ was mainly used for Java.

I’m using IntelliJ Ultimate (subscription-based). The community and student version have limited functionality like can’t install plugins for JavaScript. With the ultimate version, it has the Spring Initializr built-in. I don’t have to go to the website to get it done.

Of course there is GitHub integration and I used IntelliJ as my main word processor.

I’ll be starting my apprenticeship next week for the next six months. It’s where the rubber meets the road.

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