Gazali Ahmad

Gazali Ahmad here and hi! Thanks for visiting. This is my portfolio / blog website.

I’m passionate about the internet and technology in general. I finally decided to pursue my interest full time. On June 21st 2021, I graduated from the Microsoft Junior Full Stack Developer Course.

My Full Stack Developer Skills

HTML 5 BadgeCSS 3 BadgeJavascript Badge
HTML 5CSS 3JavaScript
Bootstrap badgeNode.js BadgeReact Badge
Boot StrapNode.JSReact
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JavaSpring BootMySQL

Some of the projects that I did during the course:

Colmar Academy

This was my first assessment during the course. It was a test of my understanding of HTML, CSS and creating a mobile responsive website.

Find My Hat

A fun application of JavaScript. In this assessment, the objective of the game is “find the hat” whilst avoiding the randomly placed holes and not going over the playing field. Movement is done by the pressing the assigned keys for up, down, left and right.

React App Spotify API

It’s a web application using my knowledge of React components, passing state, and requests with the Spotify API. It allows a user to search the Spotify library, create a custom playlist and save it to their Spotify account.

Here are more projects that I have done. Do check back regularly as I post and update my projects often.

I have deployed various content management systems like WordPress on a server, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for webpages, and using PHP scripts to enhance usability of the website.

Some background about me:

I have more than two decades of sales and customer relationship experience, and I’m adding the skillset of a Full Stack Developer to my tool box.

I have always a keen interest in coding. My first ever “computer” was the Oric-1 where I learnt machine coding. It was not as easy as it is today.

Oric 1

Besides that, I am an avid photographer and videographer.

Throughout my career, the common thread, is helping people to achieve their objectives. I work one-on-one with clients. My client relationships are valuable to me because it allows me to build our connection, provide relevant product offerings and continue an ongoing business relationship.

I have achieved numerous sales awards. Ultimately, I became a member of the Million Dollar Round Table. This is in recognition for my exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service.

From there I branched out to become a trainer. I conducted and facilitated co-curricular activities (CCA) in various Singapore public schools from primary to secondary level. The topics I covered are creative thinking, money management and problem solving.

I believe my background in sales and customer relationship experience coupled with my passion in web development would provide value by adding a unique perspective to an organization.

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